Dating japan east asia dating

Dating japan east asia dating

I am still trying to work out a periodization scheme for these cards.What follows are some examples of Chinese-language markings on Japanese picture postcards.Based on research into the postmarks and cards themselves, contemporary journalism, secondary scholarship, and some postcard websites, the EAIC has devised the following periodization scheme: Period I.Undivided back: October 1, 1900-March 27th, 1907 Period II.

“Kindai Nihonjin no Higashi Ajia, Nan’yō shotō e no ‘manazashi’: ehagaki no rekishiteki kachi no “ibunka” hyōshō” [The Japanese “Gaze” on the Peoples of East Asia and Micronesia: Archives Importance and the Other Race Representation, in the Japanese Picture Postcards]. One side of the postcard, the front, is dominated by a photograph, design, painting, drawing, or image.Both countries were nominally sovereign and yet were governed by Japanese military and civilian officials.Thus, it is not surprising to find that each nation, no matter how “fake” in retrospect, possessed distinctive flags, postage stamps, currency, and postal regulations.The back is divided so that 1/3 of the space is reserved for a message, and 2/3 is reserved for the address.The back is divided so that 1/2 of the space is reserved for a message, and 1/2 is reserved for the address.

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The next card was issued a year later to commemorate the twelfth anniversary of the Taiwan Government General, on June 17th, 1907.

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