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Come on’ Still, after receiving no reply, he persisted on Sunday, April 30, in the middle of the night. And i did not mean to call you either im not that obsessed but hope for us to hit a night soon.’ Penny then replied saying: ‘Seriously it’s 3 in the morning and you call and woke me and my daughter up, not impressed stop messaging me!

’ At first, Craig said he was ‘sorry’ but then said: ‘Your a complete d****d anyway real game player your a c**t pathetic waste of a decent blokes time oh and also fk you your horrible pof anyone from there is a pure wrongen your one of them goodbye for good.

I’d say don’t meet at your home because you could be in danger afterwards.’ On April 16, Craig said: ‘Hi Penny, how are you and the little one?

x’ Ten days later, after receiving no reply, he messaged Penny saying: ‘Have a good night tomorrow rave it up lol xx.

they’ll tell you everything you want to hear, but at a price.

A Singles’ Dating Convention member sent this to me: “I’ve recently joined a different singles’ site and am running into the same issue I’ve had with the previous ones I’ve been involved in.

Craig likes to message, and message, and message, and call you at 3am and wake you and your three-year-old child up, just to show he cares.’ She then explains how Craig is a very ‘committed’ kind of a person’, adding: ‘He thinks if you have been on a date with him twice (last year) then he owns you and you have loyalties to him, of course!

’ Penny then ends the ad with: ‘I cannot tell you anymore about him because I barely know him, but he seems like a good catch doesn’t he!

He speaks fluent English (to some extent), is kind, caring, and is a fountain of knowledge!

Too many women have fake profiles that are used for making money, i.e., directing men to paid porn sites or personal Web sites or just asking men outright for money.

Unless the online dating industry makes a push toward cleaning up their websites, men and women will continue to fall prey to fake profiles.

’ The pair went on their first date in August 2012 and then a second in August 2016, which has made Penny fear that she has been ‘in his head’ for five years.

She said: ‘It was pretty scary to receive those messages and calls.

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‘When he got back in touch after four years, I didn’t really think anything of it and thought he was just someone to go on a date with.

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