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KING: How much of the input did you have, or did they do you?

KING: Have you always been, for want of a better term, outside? RIVERS: I'm the only person that isn't invited to the "Vanity Fair" party.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) (MUSIC) LARRY KING, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, Joan Rivers as you've never seen her before. And, you know, you hear, oh, my daughter, she made a documentary about Darfur, (INAUDIBLE) at war, blah, blah, blah.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JOAN RIVERS, COMEDIAN: It's bacon, you idiot. So I met her at Thanksgiving and Margie said to me, Ricki wants to do a documentary on you.

Plus, the snub by Johnny Carson that stings to this day. Joan Rivers is a comic, author, actress, entrepreneur, and the focus of a brilliant new documentary, "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work." I saw it, loved it, it is brutally frank about the highs and lows of Joan's incredible career. (LAUGHTER) RIVERS: You can use it as a reality show.

Joan Rivers and a few surprise guests, including Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin -- next on LARRY KING LIVE. In between laughing, which you'll do a lot, you'll be amazed by her drive and the relentless schedule she keeps. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) RIVERS: Right now, everything is absolutely wonderful. But I have been here before and I know, nothing is yours permanently, and you better enjoy it while it's happening. KING: I've been in your apartment, and your apartment is a palace.

(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: We're back with Joan Rivers, "A Piece of Work" opens tonight and this weekend, everywhere. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) PHYLLIS DILLER, COMEDIAN: Hello, Joan! And, of course, I know that you are devoted to plastic surgery, as we all are, ha-ha-ha!

KING: Bill Maher, he's an exceptional -- RIVERS: Ups and downs, brilliant. RIVERS: Yes, and I don't -- look at what he went through. And they gave me a choice, you can stay, but your husband goes, has to go. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: Telling all about the just released film on her life that just might break your heart. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) RIVERS: No man has ever, ever told me I'm beautiful. KING: And there are great scenes in the movie, by the way. She has made it possible for so many people, especially women, to succeed in comedy. It's so good to be wishing you well and I understand you're 77 years old. But you know I've loved you all those 77 years, and the characters you built.

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After so many years of success, Joan still cares what critics think. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) RIVERS: These are all my jokes. These are just -- every time I write a joke, I try to remember to get it on a card. So her husband can say, "My wife makes a delicious cake to some hooker." And you wonder why I'm still working at this age. And it's called "A Piece of Work," and it's about her, but not by her. BILL MAHER, HOST, HBO'S "REALTIME WITH BILL MAHER" (via telephone): Who's they? I don't agree with what she said about getting the Jews out of Palestine, but I don't think she should have got fired about it. (LAUGHTER) RIVERS: You know, I love you too, and you know that. But when she became a giant star on her own, you know, that followed her guest hosting on "The Tonight Show," when she was probably the biggest comedy star in the country for, I don't know, 10 years. MAHER: Well, I mean, we all worry about that when we're on the bill with other comics.

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