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In the first wave of American burlesque, the productions were female-led and the costumes were revealing — above-the-knee dresses and tights — making them a risqué treat for the audiences who flocked to the shows.

Since most of the music used was stolen outright from other works, they kept few records of their performances, but their influence was enormous, spawning troupes around the country and a style that remained popular for decades, offering a high-brow alternative to minstrel shows and setting up the rise of vaudeville.

Minstrel is considered the original sin of American show business.

The history of the country cannot be separated from the fact that it was built on the backs of black slaves, and the history of modern comedy cannot ignore that it started with white men in blackface.

”) — the funniest and most lasting part remains just how absurdly fast it is, setting a comedic pace soon seen in vaudeville.

One could only image the response to his billiard-ball trick.With that preamble out of the way, here are 100 More Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy.They are listed in chronological order, and you can use the timeline on the left to jump to different eras or specific jokes.It also goes to show that women have been telling dirty jokes as long as women have been allowed to tell jokes, a legacy that continues to this day.Major General Stanley: I am the very model of a modern Major-General /I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral /I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical /From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical /I’m very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical /I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical /About binomial theorem I’m teeming with a lot o’ news [, and set sail for New York to stage it there.

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It was a precursor to the vaudeville two-man act, and thus a precursor to essentially all future comedy.

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